Thursday, January 3, 2013


So some of you may follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and you may have seen my latest obsession. I’ve recently discovered Nail Art. As it is, I’ve always loved painting my nails. It’s a fun way to express yourself and doesn’t take much commitment, and you can change it as much as you want. I’ve been trying out all these new techniques I’ve been seeing, and I’m going to share them with you all. I’ll link to YouTube videos and tutorials, if possible. Be aware…this is a PIC HEAVY POST.
This is called the IKAT print, and I used this tutorial.
Nails 001 Nails 003
This one I didn’t use a tutorial but I did have an inspiration photo I saw on Pinterest. Sadly it’s a dead link, so I can’t link it to the original.
Nails 005   Nails 004
The Braided or Weaved nails. I really enjoyed this look and it was super easy to do. I followed this easy tutorial
Nails 008 Nails 007
Interlocking dots, was also a fun and easy look! In fact, I enjoyed the dots so much, that two days later I went back and did all my fingers. This is an easy to follow video showing you how.
Nails 011 Nails 012
I didn’t use a tutorial for this one. Here I used my stamping plates. Google Konad Stamping plates and you will see. It’s glorious. So easy and so fun!
Nails 014 Nails 015
Another stamping manicure. No tutorial here.
Nails 019 Nails 020
Again, with the stamping. The range of possibilities is almost limitless with these manicures. This was my Wintertime mani!
Nails 022 Nails 023
Here I was craving something girly and ended up a little Barbie-tastic. I tried to tone it down with a reverse glitter gradient, and ended up regretting that move.
Nails 025 Nails 028
More braided nails for Christmas. This time just as accents.
Nails 030
I wanted to match my New Years Eve dress, so I set out to do that. I used a stamp with a reverse glitter gradient over the top. Loved it.
Nails 031 Nails 032
Surprisingly though, this one was my favorite. I never thought Leopard print would be something I would wear, but man was it fun to have on my fingers! Here is a great pic tutorial on how to make the leopard spots. So easy to do but so fun to wear.
Nails 024
I’ve always been a little eclectic on the blog, but I think this would be fun to explore more in depth. If this is something you’d like to see more of, please let me know.
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