Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Sh*T Balls Blanket

So do you all remember when I told you my Sassy friend Valerie was pregnant. Guess what, she had the kid!! WOO! A beautiful baby boy. I finally got to meet and snuggle him last night, and I had a blast. However, I’m an awesome (that’s sarcastic font) friend because I also wasn’t able to get her my baby gift until last night too. Valerie knew it was coming though and was kind enough to be patient and wait for it. However, I did have it done before the kid actually arrived though, in my defense.

Valerie pinned this blanket pattern on Pinterest along time ago, when she was looking for things for the nursery. I saw it and thought, hey I can do that. So I set out to make it happen. I started the blanket in August, following the pattern, thinking this will take me a few months, tops. NOPE!!! I literally finished the blanket about 2 days before the kid arrived in December. The picture with the pattern is deceptive, because it makes the blanket look baby size, but let me tell you, it’s actually big person size.  DSC05585

Now I realize that the contrast is way off on that picture, mostly because the blanket was hard to photograph. So I’ve upped it so you can see the bobbles and the ruffles on the blanket better. The color is more of a cerulean blue as you can see in the following picture.


So the moral of the story is (is there really a moral happening here?) I finally got the beautiful blanket to the beautiful baby boy, and all seemed happy. YAY!


If you want one for yourself, don’t ask me, because I don’t know if I can handle making another sh*tball blanket anytime in the future. If you’re wondering where the name “sh*tball blanket” comes from, you have to count to make sure your bobbles or sh*tballs are in the correct place. Well I would get on a roll, realize I missed a bobble, exclaim “SH*TBalls” and then have to unravel the blanket. It gets a little frustrating. :-)

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Ps. Sorry for the delayed break in blogging, my camera broke over the Christmas break, so I’m a little behind on getting things photographed and posted.