Monday, October 17, 2011

A Sassy Baby Shower: Appliqued Onsies

One of my friends (who I've known since 4th grade, crazy right?) is about to embark on a new adventure, called Motherhood. Valerie is an adorable expecting momma, and a few of us got together and threw her a baby shower. One of the decorations for the shower was personalized onsies hanging on a clothesline. My other friend Erin and I got together and made several each. Let me show you the three onsies I made.

In case you were wondering how I did it, don't worry I took pictures to show you! First I ironed all the wrinkles out of the onsies. I then sketched some tie shapes, until I found the right size and shape I was looking for. I cut them out of my notebook and laid them on the onsie, just to be sure.
Satisfied with the shape, I then cut those same shapes out of fusible interfacing and ironed onto my chosen fabric.
After doing this, I then cut the shapes out of the fabric, removed the backing, lined them up on the onsie, and ironed them on. I then set my sewing machine to a zig zag stitch with the stitch length at zero. I then very slowly worked my way around the edges of the tie, making sure that I covered the full edge of the tie. And get...this!
And finally the onsies displayed at the baby shower. Look how cute.

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