Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ribbon Top

So today's post is just a little quickie....

I whipped up this fun little ribbon top for a sweet friend the other day. It literally took me no time at all. I first saw the idea from Sweet Verbena. She is so cute and crafty. (Check out her guest post at UCreate today, I'm totally going to try that.) The only thing I did different was use a cotton fabric and ribbon for the tie. But I thought it was cute and so did my sweet model (and that's what counts right?). If your interested in doing your own, be sure to check out the link to the tutorial.

See, I told you she was cute. The top just emphasizes it. :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coke Cake...It's Addicting :-)

Is everyone ready to learn how to make the easiest cake...ev-ah! Serious face....this is the easiest thing you will ever do.

First, prepare your ingredients.
Yup, that's it. I promise. Just a pop (or soda as some prefer it) and a cake mix. It's really that easy. And baking it up is as easy as 1,2,3. I'll show you...
Step 1: Pour cake mix into bowl.
Step 2: Pour Coke into bowl.
Step 3: Mix.
Really that's all you do. Throw it in your pans, cupcake liners, whatever and bake it according to the normal instructions on the box. Since I was making mine for my Mother's birthday, I chose to do a 3 layer cake, so I lined my cake pans in wax paper, poured the batter in and baked it up. I then iced it pretty and served it up. I've been serving these for years now and they are always a hit. When I originally learned of this recipe I was told that it is a Weight Watchers recipe. I haven't verified that, but I know it does cut down on the calories significantly. So the bonus is, its a DIET CAKE. Never thought you'd hear the words "diet" and "cake" put together like that did you? Well I'm happy to say...that just happened. Plus you'll love all the chocolate-y goodness. You can't even taste the Coke. And it's so moist and yummy. :-)

When I was icing the cake, I kind of tried to pull of the Rose Cake that has been all over the blog-o-sphere. You can find the original over at I am Baker.

When making white cakes (or lighter colored cakes) just use Sprite or 7-Up.