Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dirty Duo meets TuTu Trouble

So I've been absent for a while, but things are happening. I promise. Recently, I made some TuTu's for a race. I know it sounds crazy, I'll explain. I also made some sweet shirts for the same race. I've started working on a bedroom re-do that I promise to share as it progresses (it's moving slowly) and I've been rehearsing for Cinderella. Way more fun than I have time to have. :-)

The tu-tu's I made following a similar pattern to this one. Except I was lazy and just tied knots in the elastic. However they were awesome. As you can see it the following pics. As you look at the pictures, also notice the shirts. It's just some sequins and fabric paint, but I think they really speak about our team goals. My good friend Becky and I decided to enter a race called the Dirty Duo. It was way more fun that I can handle (literally, since I've spent the past 2 days walking like an 85 year old). Part of the fun is the costume contest so of course we went all out. Our team name was "TuTu Trouble" and boy did we have fun.

The race consists of six miles, half of which you run and the other half bike. At each mile marker there is a challenge/obstacle course that you have to complete before you can continue on with the next mile. At the end, you and your partner have to be together and crawl through 40 feet of mud to finish the race. And boy did we get muddy. Becky and I had so much fun. And as a bonus, we got 5th in our age group. It took us 56:51.6 to finish the race, and we are already planning our costumes and strategy for next year.

Team 163 aka TuTu Trouble definitely brought it this year. Watch out Dirty Duo 2012, we'll be back for you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holders for whatever my little heart desires...

So, I was over at A Diamond in the Stuff (who is celebrating 1,000 followers today) and I saw these cute Wooden Pedestals she created. Instantly, I thought, this I could make, and I set out to find similar items at the local thrift stores.

I ended up finding these glass candle sticks and bowls. I had no luck with wood, but these will work just as well. While I was there I also found some hideous bronze candle sticks that had a great shape to them. I didn't take a before picture of them, but come on, you all know what I'm talking about.

First I started out by washing everything I purchased, and then I busted out the Gorilla Glue. If you've never used it, it's amazing! Seriously.
 First I moistened the plate and the rim of the candle stick, then I applied a thin ring of the glue around the candlestick. You have to be careful, because the glue expands, so don't apply to much. Then you place them together, and let set. I put a heavy book on top of mine to prevent them from sliding around while the glue set.
After letting the glue dry, I then primed the whole she-bang, and painted. Since I made two of these, I painted one a great aqua blue and the other a champagne gold. I also painted the two bronze candlesticks with the champagne gold as well. Finally I ended up with these and personally, I think they're great.

The blue one matches the towels in the bathroom, so I've placed there to be a catchall for my jewelry. .These are the pieces I tend to wear the most, so it's nice to have them nicely placed, versus them haphazardly thrown across the counter. The champagne gold one with the matching candlesticks are the new table decoration in the dining room. I haven't quite figured out what to put in them, but when I do, I'm sure it will look great.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Win a Trip to Paris....who wouldn't want that?

So the lovely Jordan at Oh Happy Day is hosting a trip to Paris give-away. Go visit her and enter here! Who wouldn't want to go to Paris! I've been lucky enough to visit once before, but there was so much I missed. I'd love to go back and experience even more.

I leave you with a few pics from my brief time there.