Monday, May 9, 2011

Bookcase Curtains

I have this wonderful bookcase in my kitchen. My Father got it for me. It has wonderful deep shelves (which come in handy when, I have 2 giant, rambunctious dogs). However, I've noticed that the bottom 2 shelves have quickly become a catchall for random kitchen items. See below....
Notice the dog head in the picture. He's one of the reasons I have clutter in the bottom shelves. If you look closely, you'll see tennis balls and dog toys on the shelf. :-) So while I like the arrangement of the top two shelves the bottom two are ick.... here is a closer look..
So I bought myself, some cute fabric and some tension rods, and went to work. I picked a fabric that is very similar to my wall color plus it has the added bonus of a print that matches decoration colors. Yay!
After measuring the shelf openings, I cut two panels, and got to work sewing. I'm assuming everyone knows how easy it is to make curtain panels so I'm not going to give detailed instructions. On the two short sides I sewed a rolled hem.
I then sewed the bottom with a wider hem.
After sewing a rod pocket at the top (I forgot to take a picture, sorry) I hung the curtains and it looks like this...

All the junk is hidden, and I'm very pleased. As always thanks for stopping by.

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