Sunday, March 13, 2011

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake Surprise

That's right, you heard me. Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake Surprise. It's as delicious as it sounds. A friend was house-sitting for some of his friends a while ago, and they left these cupcakes for him to consume. All he could talk about for a week was how great these cupcakes were. So I got the recipe and for his birthday I made the cupcakes with some key changes.

First I made the eggless cookie dough exactly as described. FYI: it is delicious, perfect for that night you want to eat cookie dough, but minus the salmonella. :-) It would also be great for dipping in chocolate, which I may have to do in the very near future.

After making the cookie dough, I rolled it into balls, and placed in the freezer.

Moving on, I made the delicious butter cream icing. I followed the recipe exactly. In the future, I would scoop out the part for the icing, before adding the Chocolate Chips, they made it hard when icing the cupcakes, but that is for later. This was my first attempt at butter cream icing, anything, and it was surprisingly simple.

For the cupcake batter, I'm not afraid to admit that I cheated, a little. Ok, alot. I do have a delicious chocolate cake recipe that I'll probably use in the future.

After making the cupcake batter, I put a little dollop of batter in the bottom, then added the frozen chocolate chip balls.
Please ignore the drips and gross stuff on the cupcake pan, I'm not a very good batter scooper.
I then covered the dough balls, and baked. I'm not going to lie, the smell of them baking had me drooling. Once I pulled them from the oven, and let them cool, I frosted them. So delicious. The Birthday Boy, is going to love them.

And finally I iced them. As mentioned before, having the chocolate chips in the icing, made it a big difficult to get out of my decorative icing tip. In the future I'll scoop out the cookie dough, before adding the chips. Then after icing the cakes, you can sprinkle the chocolate chips on top.

So I'm calling them my Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake Surprise, because you have chocolate cupcakes filled with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Again, thanks for reading! :-)


  1. Amazing. You got me hungry now!

  2. YUM. And I am hoping you brought some to work today for sampling. :)