Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patty's Day Shirt

Once again, I was surfing a very super cute blog, icandy handmade and found the Shamrock Chic shirt. The little ones in the pictures are so cute. And of course, I wanted my own Shamrock Chic shirt. So I got out an old white T-shirt, I had lying around, the 2 green scrap fabrics I had, and got to work.

I will say, that instead of using the fusible tape, I used Liquid Stitch, which worked just as well. I also hand stitched the outlines of my hearts and stems, because I'm just not talented enough to trace them (especially the curves) with my sewing machine. And I happen to like the imperfection that comes with the hand stitching. Also, I like to hand stitch things.

Here is the shirt on the hanger.

And on me!
Also, notice the dogs creeping into the photo. :-)
Finally, here are some closeups of the shamrocks with the hand stitching. Unfortunately, the patterned fabric is a bit see through, so you can see the glue underneath it. From far away, you can't see it though.
Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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