Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Yums (1)

So once again, it's Easter. While I love the story behind Easter and I love the gift (and I'm definitely in awe of) that we received from Jesus, Easter has never been a holiday that we traveled to see family. As a child I remember Easter being Church in the morning, and a nicer than usual dinner in the evening. I remember one childhood Easter, where we actually saw family and participating in an Easter Egg Hunt with my cousins.

One reason that I love my family, is that we tend to "adopt" friends as honorary family members on Easter and Thanksgiving. Especially as I've gotten older, we've added people here and there around the table. Some Easters we have cousins and friends, others it's just me and the parents. I love it anyway I can get it.

This year, around the table we are expecting my parents, me, and my cousin Hilary. In order to take some of the pressure of my mother, who will be cooking a delicious meal, I've offered to make rolls and some delicious goodness (more to come on the delicious goodness later). I remember one failed attempt to make bread when I was younger, and I've never really gone in that direction again. But this year, I thought, okay, I'll try it again.

I found this recipe over at Our Best Bites. I adore them! So like any normal person, I gathered my supplies, and got ready.

 First I mixed together the milk, butter, sugar, and salt. Melted it all down, and put it in an water bath to bring down the temperature.
Then I made the yeast mixture. I'm not going to lie, it took me a few times to actually get the yeast to bubble. I think I was making the water to hot, but I got it eventually.
I did however, forget to take a picture of it after the yeast bubbled. I then mixed everything else together and set it aside to rise. The rising process, punching the dough, and making the actual rolls didn't get documented. I was on my own, and the process was hugely messy. My bowl over flowed, and in order to rescue the dough I had to move fast so no pictures. :-) Eventually, I did get actual rolls made and put into pans.
After baking them, I pulled them from the oven, and brushed butter on the top. They turned out delicious looking and tasting.

I'm excited to serve them at Easter dinner tomorrow! I hope everyone has a blessed Easter! As usual, thanks for stopping by.

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