Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red White and Blue...I heart you!

Do you ever make something and you are just ridiculously proud of it? That happened to me on Saturday. I bought this fabric forever ago at JoAnns. I saw it and had to have it, because lets face it, it has everything I love, shirring, polka dots, and red/white/blue. For those of you who don't know Independence Day is my favorite holiday, even before Christmas. It's mainly because I am a borderline pyromaniac and I love to blow things up and to watch giant fireworks.

So anywho...I bought this fabric at JoAnns and I was so pumped about it. I saw it and thought, what could be easier, one seam up the back and you have a dress. It was that easy, until it was awkward. Let me explain.

First, I wrapped the fabric around me and determined where I need to cut the fabric for the width of the dress. After doing this, I cut down the fabric. I then did one big seam down the back.

You should I have seen my face, I was pumped, I had a dress. Then I put on the dress. And it was an AWK-WARD length. And, I couldn't take a full stride, which basically means that I would forget and try to take a big step at some point and fall flat on my face.
 So then, I started looking at it, and I figured out I could cut a big section out of the middle, and that if I did it right, you wouldn't be able to tell a difference in the pattern. So, I then cut the dress into thirds. Scary, I know.

I then, sewed the top and bottom pieces of the dress back together and got this. I'm not going to lie. I was pretty stinking proud of myself at this point, because when I told J about the seam in the middle of the dress, he couldn't even tell. It blends perfectly into the pattern.
After trying the dress on again, I decided it was still a little to tight on the legs. So I added a panel to the back. It turned into a little bit of a back ruffle, which I enjoyed. To add the panel, I just ripped out the back seam to the middle seam cut out the panel, matched up the patterns and sewed it in.

After doing that I decided to take off some of the smaller dots at the bottom and add a rolled hem.

And then I was finished. And I was proud. And then I realized I needed a big red ribbon. And I whined to J about how I needed a big red ribbon and didn't have one. J told me I was silly and that the dress was fine without a big red ribbon. I looked through all my scraps, but I didn't have a big red ribbon. Eventually I looked through my jewelry chest and YAY I did have a big red ribbon. The dress was so much better with the Big Red Ribbon. See...
Finally, the dress was finished. It took me a whole hour to do. More than I had anticipated, but it was so worth it. I then had to force myself to wait an entire day before I could wear it on the 4th of July.

P.S. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a dog-free picture in my house? Look at all these reject pictures...

Seriously, I have to lock them in the bathroom to take a picture.

Anyways, as always...

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