Monday, November 26, 2012

Earrings on the Cheap

Currently I have two pairs of Stella and Dot earrings that I am obsessed with. I wear them at every possible moment. If you are interested in these earrings you can order them from here and here.

Picture 001


So when I was in Target (those of you who know me, know Target is my favorite all time store) the other day , and I found these charms on sale. Originally they were supposed to be Bracelet Charms, which struck me as odd, because they are HUGE for a bracelet charm.

Picture 002 

I also found them in Silver and Navy, which you’ll see. But I thought to myself, these would make perfect additions to my favorite earrings collection. So with a few jump rings and earring backs, which I already had on hand, plus less than 10 minutes, I had two new pairs of earrings.

First, pry open the jump ring at the top which holds the clasp to the charm. 

Picture 006

Second, replace jump ring with smaller jump ring and earring back. Squeeze jump ring, shut, and VIOLA! Seriously, it’s that easy. I’m not kidding.

Picture 007

Here are the completed pairs. One in Orange/Gold, one in Silver/Navy.

Picture 009Picture 003 

And here I am modeling. Please excuse the cheesy self-portraits. They are weird. Also, why does my hand look like it belongs to a 70 year old woman in the photo above?

Picture 013 Picture 014


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