Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again….everybody’s favorite gift giving Holiday. You know the one…

I set up my Christmas Tree the other day. Every year I pick a different theme and run with it. This year it was Nature Chic. You have to say that all fancy like, you know, with a subtle French accent. At least, that’s how it sounds in my head. I’ve never hid the fact that I’m weird people, you just have to deal with it.

So I dug out all my super awesome Christmas Tree paraphernalia.

Picture 015

Seriously, that’s all I have. 2 measly tubs. You’d think with having a different theme every year, I’d have more tubs. Alas, I work with what I have. So I pulled it all out and began setting up my tree. I garnered some immediate interest from a certain curious animal. You know how those cats are. Check him out in all his instagram-y coolness. That is one cool-cat. I couldn’t resist people.

Picture 016

It continued, with me torturing the dogs. Eisenhower was a typical male and wanted nothing to do with decorating the tree or himself. He retreated to the bedroom immediately after this picture.

Picture 017 As you can see, he was already in the midst of running away. Hemingway however was her usual sweet, compliant self and let me pose her to my hearts content. Check this sweet, heart melting picture out. It’s the eyes that get you. Gahhh, I just want to snuggle her!

Picture 018

After torturing the animals (not literally people, come on!), I finished assembling the tree and then I added lights.

Picture 019

That’s right! I put the tree on the Milk Crate so it stands taller. It’s like stilts for a tree. Then came time for some baubly goodness. Some of my favorite people came over and we had a sweet craft/laugh-it-up/drink-delicious-sangria/eat fest. You know the ones! So we got down to business…to defeat the huns… wait, sorry that’s a Disney Song. We did get down to business though. And it involved some MAJOR glittering. A week later, I’m still finding it and trying to clean it up.

Picture 025

Look at all that glitter. Then there was some stick snapping on the back porch, and more glitter was involved. And then there was twine too. And maybe feathers. Things got out of hand. Picture 036 Anyways….here is the final product and some close-ups. I’ll be back later with the nitty-gritty details on how certain things happened.

Picture 038

Meet Monty the Moose and Ivan the Reindeer. They are the primary suspects in the Glitter-fied house. Doesn’t matter. I love them.

 Picture 037 Picture 039

I also Mop’n’Glo’ed (it’s a verb now people) some glass ornaments and wrapped twine around others. To top it all off, I added some gilded feathers in there. And viola it is done. And I am both fancy and festive. Deal with it.

Picture 040 Picture 041

And there it is. Nature Chic. (Did you say it in the voice again? I did)

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