Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bedroom Re-do: I Hulk Hogan'ed those Curtains

"Well, it's time for another installment of the Castle Casa Bedroom Re-do. Today's topic will be curtains. Amy, would you like to tell us about the Curtains you recently hung in the newly decorated bedroom?" (Be sure to read that in your fake annoying smary talk show host voice!)

Well I don't know about you all, but my house is set to close to my neighbors house, to not feel comfortable without having curtains. Especially when my bedroom window matches up almost perfectly with their living room/kitchen. Taking the curtains down for 4.5 days was a big deal and a little disconcerting. So after painting the walls and finishing the stencil (huzzah) I got to cracking on those curtains.I pulled my inspiration from here and here. I love the stenciling on the first one, but have decided for now, to leave them plain.

My first stop was the Home Depot, where I purchased two 6x9 painters tarps/drop cloths at $9.98 a pop. I took those puppies home, and popped them in the washing machine with lots and lots of Fabric Softener.
After they were washed and dried. I went all Hulk Hogan on them. I measured half the distance of the cloth made a tiny snip with my scissors and RIIIIPPPED those suckers in half. Sadly you can't take pictures of yourself doing that (it would most likely be embarrassing) so imagine this is me, with painters tarps.
After ripping those suckers in half, I ironed the s*&t out of them. Now if any of you know me at all, you know I hate ironing. You also know I'm incredibly clumsy and am always hurting myself. Lets just saying ironing thick fabric in the middle of an extremely loud/close thunder storm wasn't a good idea. But I made it through without any major mishaps.

I ironed them, then hemmed them up on the 4 sides that were raw after my Hulk Hogan impression. Did a quick tube at the top and viola, this girl has curtains again. Sorry to all those nosy neighbors.
I love the thick linen texture against the wall color and the silk lampshades. I may decide to add some embellishment to the curtains in the future. From now, I'm happy with the plain linen look. At $4.99 a pop per curtain you can't go wrong.
Check back in for tomorrow's post which will cover the Lamp Re-do.

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  1. I like the mental images this post conjured. :)
    The curtains look great! good job.