Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bedroom Re-do: If I could snuggle with my accent wall, I would!

Gals (and guys), I have done alot of crafty stuff in my life. But I've never been more proud of something than what I'm showing you today. I'm in love LUST with this wall. I just sit on the bed and stare at it with adoring and slightly creepy eyes. If I could snuggle with this wall, I totally would. In fact I just might, later tonight.

Let me give you the low-down. When I started a Bedroom Pinboard on Pinterest a few months ago, this was one of my very first pins. I originally pinned this from Jones Design Company, you can see her original post here. The JDC blog is filled with lovely and inspiring images. She is also kind enough to supply a printable pattern and detailed instructions on how to create this beautiful stencil.

This project was easy but time intensive. It takes alot to trace the pattern on the wall and then paint each and every single one of them. I wish I'd kept count of how many there were. For detailed directions, be sure to visit JDC and her blog post, she explains it 100x better than I ever could. But let me show you some in progress pictures.

Here I am, tracing the pattern on the wall. I traced the entire wall and my lovely, beautiful, trooper of a friend Jacie got started on the painting.

Jacie painted and painted and painted and...well you get the idea. Eventually she had to go home and put my 2 favorite "nieces" to bed, so I was left to struggle on by my lonesome.

I made it to the window before I called it quits the first night. The next night, I kept plugging away and finished it all. Here is the final look without any distractions. (I'm sorry the pictures are dark, I took these at night, obviously.)
After I finished up, I moved onto another project and gave the paint about 2 hours to dry. Then in my excitement, I moved in my new nightstands, freshly sewn curtains, repainted lamps, and the bed. (Don't worry, all those are going to be detailed in posts to come.) The bed had been freshly made, so be impressed with that.

In the name of being honest in blog land, I do have to tell you that the window messed my pattern up, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how/why. So I have a few (and there is no sensitive way to say this) dee-dee-dee places. 2 to be exact. And they are thankfully covered by the curtains, but even if they weren't I'd still love LUST after the wall just as much.

In case you were wondering, the wall color is Intense Teal by Behr and the stencil color is FolkArt craft paint in Metallic Champagne. One more time let's marvel at its gorgeousness. So you don't have to scroll up, here it is again.


  1. Oh my goodness! How gorgeous!! I love the metallic silver and teal combo.

  2. That is beautiful! I LOVE stenciled walls...I'm not sure if I have the patience to do it, but they look great! I'm your newest follower from the sew much ado party. I'd love you to stop by my blog when you get a chance & maybe follow along too!

  3. I want to do this same pattern on a wall in my kitchen! Glad to hear you had success with it! Looks great!

  4. Teal and silver is gorgeous. What about the color Cyan any ideas on that as an accent wall and what other color would work?