Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Started: The Bedroom Re-do

Last night, I finally rolled up my sleeves and got to work. And by finally, I mean, I've had the paint color picked out and purchased for more than eight (8!) months. I really need to call Procrastinators Anonymous, maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Le sigh.

When I first bought my house about 2 and a half years ago, I taped about 78 gabillion swatches of paint on the bedroom walls and finally settled on Key Lime Green by Behr. Ya'll I loved that color. It looked awesome! I went with a scheme of  Key Lime Green, Black, White, and silver. It was pretty sweet.
Now, my room looks like this, and I've decided I want something a bit more grown-up and sophisticated, but still in line with my personality. So the beginning of the change. And don't mind the mess, just trying to keep it real in blog-land. Let's look at a few more before pics...

Look at all those books, sadly most of those are on my "to read" list. And as I was moving things around, I found a ton more books. Can you all tell I love to read, because I do!! Here is a look at the tub of books I carted out of my room.

Anywho, I like change on a semi-regular basis, so after picking a new color and waiting eight months to put the color on the walls. The new color that I chose is called Intense Teal, also by Behr. First I taped and edged the walls.
And let me tell you about a new life-changing tool I bought. It's an edger, and it's Ah-May-Zing. It makes perfect edges and it's super easy. I will be using this to edge from now on.
Here I am posing with the edger, because it's just that cool. After edging, I began rolling the paint on the walls.
And maybe a little got on me during the process. I'm actually a super clean painter, but I always manage to get paint in my hair and on my face for some reason.
And finally I was done. This is the new view in the bedroom for now. I've got more things up my sleeve.
Here I am celebrating the end of a long evening, but I have new paint on the walls.
As this is quickly turning into the longest post ever, I'll save the list of "to-do's" for the bedroom for another post.

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