Monday, September 12, 2011

Magnet x2

Remember this post, where I was all excited for new magnets. Well they didn't work. They were to flimsy to hold anything up and keep flaking off of the fridge. So it's time to give magnets another go. This time, I think I won.

Remember, how I told you I went to an island for Labor Day? Yes, I'm going to keep rubbing it in. Our beach is pretty rocky, but it's all pretty rocks. (Did you see what I did there?) You can see it in the photo of Hemingway below.

You can also see a super happy sun-dog in the picture. Here's another picture, it's my attempt to be artsy.
One of my families favorite activities is to comb the rocks and pick out the coolest, neatest, prettiest color, etc and save them for later. Except after we've saved them, we never have anywhere to put them. At our cabin there's just bowls of rocks lying around. Another problem is that the rocks never look as cool without the pretty sheen the water gives them.

After picking through all the rocks on the beach, I bagged up my faves and brought them home. I then layed the rocks out on a grocery bag...
 I sprayed them with High Gloss Krylon Sealing Spray. It's basically clear spray paint that is super glossy. It gives the rocks that sheen I'm looking for, mimicking the water.

After waiting the hour drying time, I flipped the rocks over and gave the back side a coat as well. After waiting another hour, I brought them inside. I then got out my magnets that I'd made a trip to the craft store for, and my hot glue gun.
After gluing the magnets on the back of all the rocks, I let them cure for about an hour.
And then, I put them on the fridge. And they rock my world. (Haha, get it?) They're awesome.

I even had some extra's so I made myself a smile face. :-)

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  1. These are cool magnets! My husband keeps telling me we need to make it to Madeline Island together. :)