Monday, September 19, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Purse Hoarder

Hi, my name is Amy, and I'm a purse hoarder. Okay, I admit it, I hoard shoes too. But at least my shoes are organized. My purses are not. I'm assuming most women are like me. They love purses, love to switch often, and hate to get rid of the old ones. If your not like me, please tell me how you do it.

I have purses stashed all over my house. And alot of them are stacked inside one another, making it hard to see and locate what I want. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew it was for me. 
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

This is what purse hunting used to look like for me. Dig through 3 closets, open up big purses to see little purses, and never ever find the one I was looking for.

Awful huh? So on the Target trip I bought a shower curtain rod (the short one made for stalls) and some double sided curtain hooks. I installed it in my closet and hung up my purses. The hardest part about all this was hunting down all my purses to hang them up.

Drum roll please.........
The final finished product.
Now I can see all my purses, and choose exactly which one I want. The cost break down on this is as follows:

Shower Stall Tension Rod from Target   $4.99
Slide Glide Shower Hooks from Target  $6.99

All together this took me about 30 minutes to do and I was able to organize 18 purses with room for more. Yay!

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